Monday, May 18, 2009

Feeling Some S@SS!

I'm going to gush for a moment, and it may be a totally selfish gush, but I'm gonna do it none the less. I was tipped by my favorite tipster about the shoes at S@SS, and I simply adore the shoes I picked up! Shown above is the Leather Bound in chocolate brown. My gush comes at the part that I put on these shoes, which have the prim feet feature, and didn't have to change a thing. They literally matched my skin from the get go! Now that doesn't happen often, and I'm not saying it will happen for everyone, but I think you can understand my starry eyes.  Take a look for yourself, there are some other adorable styles! I really think it was my lucky day, the lucky chair was on G right when I arrived too! YAY me! Visit S@SS InWorld

Other Stuff: Skin Belleza (Med Tone) Hair Truth and Dress from Detour.