Friday, October 17, 2008

Kari: Bootlegging Footballs for the Boys

Yes, what a title! I just love Halloween, and I never can resist a costume, especially when really great designers; Menno Ophelia, Torrid Midnight, Starley Thereian, Zyrra Falcone and Haver Cole all come together to make awesomeness. Not only that, seriously take a look at the shoes designed by Menno Ophelia....cute, cute, and double cute. I know you can grab these outfits in several locations, but I grabbed these all at {Kari}. Happy Haunting! Visit In World and Online.

Other stuff: Outfits from the Fantasy Football, For the Boys, and Bootleg Annie sets. Skin by Redgrave, and hair (not including Bootleg Annie) from ETD.

1 comment:

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