Friday, October 10, 2008

ESSENCE of Style Magazine

Today InStyle Fashion Agency proudly launched the all new ESSENCE of Style magazine. The magazine offers creative insights to the modeling industry, intelligent discussions with top designers and interesting articles on current inworld events, all in an visually pleasing and quick read format. I am so proud to grace the cover of the inaugural issue, and am pleased to be part of the team that produces the magazine under the guidance of Co-Editor's in Chef, Ohren Beck and Takeshi Kiama.

Inside you can expect to find lots of great stuff, including a column by 'On Your Toes' co-blogger Jonny Tobias and my interview with the talented Eshi Otawara. You can pick up a copy at the InStyle Headquarters (InStyle Sim) or at a number of kiosks in-world.

Happy Reading!

1 comment:

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