Monday, December 21, 2009

An Ultra Post

Ok, So... I was extremely excited to be part of the LeLutka ULTRA runway show yesterday, not only was it a top notch presentation of the more avant garde side of SL fashion, it was also a chance to walk the runway in another great MAD Agency production. The design team behind LeLutka created some incredible pieces, some are not as suited for everyday life or SLife as others, but the quality of the individual components is magnificent, and I challenged myself to mix and match items from the collection, and naturally, the new footwear, to create some more accessible looks, still high fashion, but not out of reach for the average fashionista.

This is just an early look at the new footwear that will be released soon in multiple colors and combinations, the 2 styles show here are the Saffron Pumps, a sky high ├╝ber stiletto with a combined platform sole, and the Shavon Boots, a short boot with layers of shape, straps and metal buckles. These items are well suited to the runway, but are equally happy paired with dresses, gowns and casuals with a more mainstream appeal.

All the clothing, skins and accessories shown are from the new collection by LeLutka, with the exception of the dark brown hairstyles with can be found at booN, the Blue Eyes from MADesigns, and the pair of opera gloves, credit to COCO. Now, obviously, the term 'Real Life' is used loosely, we all know that SL is not RL, and in case you hadn't noticed I am not wearing my typical shape, but one specifically for the LeLutka ULTRA production. Items from the collection and the new footwear should be available soon at LeLutka.


Anonymous said...

Great example of how many looks froms the runway can be turn into Rl types of looks!

rock it girl!

Anonymous said...

So, exposed breasts is an easily equatable RL look? Sweet. Let me go get my pasties ready.

Anessa Stine said...

Actually Selonna, as I explained in my post I consider these looks to still be high fashion (and not for 'actual' RL, just the non-runway version of SLife)... but like anything it is up to your own comfort level to determine what is wearable, or how to personalize it, a strapless longline black bra beneath a shirt like that is a common fix anyone can achieve. I am pretty sure most major department stores sell sheer or mesh tops, blouses, and dresses for women around this time of year.

But what did you think of the shoes?