Friday, December 4, 2009

StyleCard: Stiletto Moody Bare Ginger

Like a little ice princess on my Stiletto Moody platforms, I decided to take my Bare Gingers out for some winter fun. More scandalously high heels from Stiletto, these ones have some nice leather cage work on the ankles and a bit of leather string accent across the foot and under the sole. For fans of Stiletto Moody these sexy shoes are something to ask Santa for this season.

Visit Stiletto Moody here.

The stuff;

Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Bare Ginger, White (all color set).

Skin: Curio, Moonbeam (Light) Winter, Snow Angel 2.

Hair: ::69::, Jadore 50, Silver Mist.

Outfit: Luck Inc., Sweater Dress (White) & Wide Belt. & Armidi Ltd., Metallic Tights, White (Tinted Grey).

Accessories: Second Mirage, Khione Earrings (only on XStreet).

(click on image to expand.)


Ann Launay said...

I don't know if it's the lighting or the shoes, but your feet look dirty and the toes appear to be some other color altogether.

I believe I'll blame the shoes, since I think Stiletto Moody is a self-aggrandizing asshat anyway.

Shattered said...

I have to agree with Ann about the shoes - the ankle shading just makes the feet look dirty, and the toes really do look like a completely different skintone.

From what I know about primfoot shoes, the toes are separate sculpts from the foot itself (that's why there has to be a strap across the toes, to hide the seams, of course). The toes look a different color because of the way that SL lighting reacts to prims, and they are going to have this problem with almost any skintone you tint them. Shouldn't this have been solved, or at least been toned down, by giving the toe sculpts a slightly darker-tinted base texture?

Issues like this are what really enforces my belief that SMs are not the best quality shoes in SL, and certainly are not worth the price tag.

Iku Voom said...

Nice Shot

I like your color de-saturizing technique.
Gives its a grainy real world feel and a change from those always animated looking shots of avatars.

Sculpted prims react differently to light depending on their angle towards the light - they can't be guaranteed to go always darker or always lighter or always just be right. My toes can be lighter but sometimes darker and other times just right. So call me goldilocks. And thats not even with Moody shoes so i expect Moody sculpts are no different but personally i never really had a problem with them - a small side effect given to sculptors by Linden but a huge gain compared to the feet we had before.