Tuesday, September 30, 2008

StyleCard: DETOUR & Zooby's

I have been walking around in the new Daywalker Sneakers from DETOUR for a couple days and trying to put together the perfect outfit to wear with them. Well, last night the most wonderful accessory landed in my lap courtesy of Bryston Vanvleck of 3B Designs and the incredibly talented Carrie Tatsu of Zooby's. My sweet little puppy, BeeBee, arrived in the most amazing Pet Carrier, 'The Z Bag'.

No fashionista can afford to miss out on this one, it comes with a complete array of scripted changeable components; 10 unique bag fabrics (3 shown here), metals, accessories such as key tags, buttons and a toy bone for doggy are all optional and modifiable. And since you can mix and match all the parts the possibilities are limitless. The bag does everything and the puppy is delicious with it's cute little face peeking up at you, typical of the Zooby's quality we are used too... but truly something special. I lurv it sooo much, and I had never even considered pet ownership in SL.

Back to the shoes, the DETOUR Daywalker Sneakers are a great casual sneaker in white and suede combos, a nice assortment of muted of the moment colours like cranberry and taupe and an 'all color' pair with the bonus shade. I matched them up with some great jeans from /artilleri/, the sweater and scarf set from Snatch which is so versatile. Accessories (aside from little BeeBee) include; a belt from Orchid Dreams, Mahjong Bracelet from Fresh Baked Goods, and some Black Bangles from Caroline's. Hair is the jumbo ponytail deal called Aina from Mirai Style.

Be sure and visit Zooby's for a little friend of your own, and DETOUR to get some sneaks to take it for a walk in the park!

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, Mirai Hair, Sn@tch Sweater Set with Scarf, /artilleri/ Jeans, Accessories by Orchid Dreams, Fresh Baked Goods and Carolines.

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