Monday, March 17, 2008

SLife Imitates Art

I have been collecting these photos for a little while now, my collection grew out of a wish list of shoes I would like to see in SL (more on that in a future post) - but evolved into a tribute to the amazing shoes that have been produced. I apologize in advance for the photo heavy post - and for the departure from our normal review format, but I felt it was timely to demonstrate just how beautifully done these shoes are. Obviously some are more closely related to the RL images than others, and again similarity might be purely coincidental - but it's fun to compare don't you think?

It has amazed me just how many of SL's top content creators have dipped into the RL fashion pools to bring my feet things straight off the runways of Paris and London, and I love it. Please understand, I am in no way implying that there is anything wrong with collecting inspiration for SL creation - we see it in SL architecture, vehicles, weapons and dance animations too (thriller dance anyone?). We live in a world where before the first award is handed out at the Oscars, discount fashion houses begin madly producing near duplicates of the red carpet gowns. We are also familiar with the fact that sometimes legitimate RL brands produce items so similar to other higher end brands that it can be hard to tell the difference - the result here can be very costly and cause loss of sales to designers.

In SL we are treated to endless possibilities, will having a pair of shoes that look like Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin in SL cause a RL designer to lose profits? nope. Are the skills required to produce such amazing products in SL things that top RL designers have the time or patience to learn? doubtful. Instead we rely on people with technical skill and creative vision, and the ability to mold the common prim or pixel into something so much greater than we can even imagine to create footwear for second life ...or skins ...or gowns.

I thank you all for making me look and feel like a princess.

SL creators (and my heroes) from top to bottom; Digit Darkes, JCS - Jeepers Creepers, Maitreya, Stiletto Moody, Armidi, Kitties Lair, ETD, Zhao Shoes, ::69::, Minnu Model Skins & ICING.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say that it is amazing how much SL imitate art and I have no qualms about it at all.

I've always supported creators who go out of their way to make better content for the whole of SL, it just ups the standard of content.

If it does that, we'll get even more beautiful things just like you have posted in your entry.