Thursday, May 13, 2010

Slide into Summer with Reek!

Reek's new slides are perfect casual comfyness, worn with socks of course as is this season's look.  I remember the last time socks and sandals were in fashion and I never thought I'd be happy to see it come around again, but when you have shoes that are as cute as these, hey, you make allowances.

We can always use more casual shoes in our SLives, because I bet everyone's inventory is already overrun with heels and boots and everything a "fashionista" could ever desire.

The options are there: the shoes are colour-changeable for the socks (toe caps) as well as the soles (I'm gonna call them footbeds though because sole to me means bottom of the foot).  So you can have green slides with green or white footbeds, and any colour of socks you want.  If you want bare feet, then you can wear the sandals alone without sculpted feet, and I personally am not as against system feet as everyone else is, so I am fine with that option too.

.These are unisex too, so everyone can wear them!

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