Thursday, September 29, 2011

MIEL- Puddle Boots

Softness and Warmth

Last week during Fifty Linden Friday I found a treat that I had to share with all of you, Miel's Puddle Boot. These boots gave me a case of the,"Look at my Shoes" because they are really well done. Actually it's an understatement to say they are well done, they are fantastic in their design. Both the texture and sculpts are breathtaking and have excellent quality and detail. 

Three aspects of the Puddle Boot can be customized, The Body, Trim and Sole. There are a total of eight colors choices and if my math is correct it makes 24 color combination available for this boot. I apologize for not showing all of them to you but I'm sure you can understand it's just an abundant amount to share. The Puddle Boot is available in main color versions, Naturals (shown above) and Brights. My favorite part of the Puddle Boot is the ridges along the sole of the shoe and buckle strapped across the boot. I also enjoy the shape of the boot as it becomes wider towards your calf.

Even though the Fifty Linden Friday deal has passed The Puddle Boot is one that should be looked at and considered for your shopping pleasure. Miel offers not only shoes, but accessories, and clothing for women. Each item crafted at Miel is exceptional and worth every linden spent.

The Look- Softness and Warmth
Hair-Lamb-Egomaniacal- Honeycomb
Skin-Adam and Eve-Ariadne- Cool Bare
Cardigan-Tee*fy-Janny Cardigan- The Dressing Room

Shirt- 5th&Oxford-Jori Cardigan- Bone

Pants-Surf Couture- Yoga Pants- Beige

Shoes-Miel- Puddle Boots- Natural

Location-LUJU Homes- Great Hopes

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