Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh hmmm

*Sneaks in* Oh, hi! Did you think I forgot that I blog here too? I didn't, promise! I would see all the lovely blogs from the beautiful women who blog here and think, "get on the ballllll!!" and then I would go eat candy or something. Anyway, I am here now in perfect time to blog Gos' new release!
The brand new Storm Sandals are gorgeous! They are a cut out platform that demand attention. Seriously, could you ignore a woman who walked into the room wearing these? Let me answer that... NO! The Storm Sandal is sexy, dramatic and so so well made. The foot tinting hud was incredibly easy to use and I was able to unpack and tint within about 10 minutes.
There is no end to the talent of Gos Voom and his eye for detail. Beautiful, beautiful work and guess what else? TONS of options! You can buy the shoe in one color or you can fat pack. I cannot imagine anyone NOT fatpacking and let me tell you why....fatpack boasts that there are123 billion possible combinations, meaning it could take you 4,000 years to try them all! I told Gos that maybe I could switch very quickly between them and he said that estimate was based on switch time of 1 second. Oh. Okay. Maybe not.

xo - Sophia Harlow

[Gos] Storm Sandal  -- NEW
.:MALT:. Fashions - MFW Outfit 01 -- NEW
[ATOMIC] Ribbon Leggings - Black
(luc) Opal Knotted Nest Ring
>TRUTH< Audrey - coffee
{+Hz+} :: RING_Skull ::<3 1
:GP: Acorn [Dark] Pout-Melancholy Baby 2
FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Clover Green
Poses: Adorkable!

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