Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Take A Chance

On Your Tose Blog: Take A Chance
On Your Tose Blog: Take A Chance

I am suffering from a heavy bout of blogger ADD today, I couldn't decide what to blog, and then I couldn't decide how I wanted to shoot it, so instead I decided to shop, and that led me to a whole other outfit, and then I was finally able to pull something worthwhile together out of the hours and hours of pre-shoot madness. I freely admit that I don't automatically know what I will blog and when, I sometimes have a plan, but more often than not I just go with my gut, and that may or may not include new releases. Nothing against anyone who chooses to blog whatever is new on a given day, but I like to challenge myself to really find things that work, rather than force random things to be happy together. Bored yet? OK, time for the clothes!
On Your Tose Blog: Take A Chance

Here I go pretty much contradicting what I just said because I am wearing the newly released jumpsuit from Peqe that is out at the current round of Zodiac, but the thing is I didn't plan on blogging it today, but I did instantly fall in love with this great item, a must have in my book and it comes in a rainbow of hues too! I was visiting Diram, something I haven't done in forever, and I saw these amazing printed jackets and the little light bulb in my head went off and I remembered the jumpsuit! I don't think the jacket is new, but either way, it was new to me, and so hard to decide between the amazing assortment of colorful patterns. I love that high style shape and big shoulder, it really fit well over the jumpsuit too, which is always nice when you layer mesh on mesh.
On Your Tose Blog: Take A Chance

I added accessories that I know I have had for a while, the bulk of them from Maxi Gossamer, I think what makes me keep coming back to her items again and again is the great collection of basic metal pieces and the very practical color change items too. The clutch is from DDL, another item I have had for weeks and weeks, I just couldn't find the right outfit for it, but I think that this works well... i did shrink the size of it a bit and give it a teeny bit of grey tint, but otherwise, perfect. The shoes are the Sophia Peeptoe from Gos Boutique, and I love them forever, so undeniably sexy, I threw on the Tan pair to add a bit of a neutral to this striking outfit. Shopping details from head to toe are below...
Hair: booN, DES423, TUN247, Hairpiece GURA21, Gathered Raised hairbase - Chocolate
Hairbase: League, Isla Hairbase - Dark
Skin: Belleza, Ava BB 2 Tan
Eyes: IKON, Eternal Eyes - Sand (M)
Lashes: LeLutka -Photoshoot II Lashes

Hands: Slink, Mesh Rigged Hands... big love for these, always!Jumpsuit: Peqe, Pisces Jumpsuit - Black *NEW at Zodiac*
Jacket: Diram, Blake Blazer - Yellow Floral
Accessories: MG (Maxi Gossamer), Damasc Bangles, Rio Hoops, Roho Ring.
Clutch: DDL, Kiss Kiss - White

Shoes: Gos Boutique, Sophia Peeptoe - Essentials Collection (Tan)

Poses by Tuty's & Su Voir (slightly modified)

I also use the VR Studio Pose Stand & HUD by VR Foundry.

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