Friday, December 19, 2008

StyleCard: REDGRAVE Girls' Biker Boots

Sometimes a girl just needs a change of attitude, and today my attitude was inspired by a song and some great boots. The boots arrived by way of Viola Leigh, the talented little dynamo who is producing footwear at a breakneck rate lately... and don't I love it! The REDGRAVE Girls' Biker Boots are just about my favorite grunged up high heeled boot to date. Well worn leather is as sexy as ever in this well shaped boot, I love the unbuckled and flopped open upper boot with it's fleecy little lining. They are the type of boot you don't want to take off, I assure you, and the early reaction I got when wearing these was huge... a must have boot in the Black or Brown, and tempting in the additional shades; Caramel, Olive, Sand & White. My humble pal Jonny reviewed the men's version here. (click pics for biggie size.)

I styled it up with the new Bijou 'Vain' set, it has a hint of great military style and sculpted short pants under a system skirt/hooded jacket combo. I added my own touches, damaged fishnet stockings from Dutch Touch (part of PuK set), Cachet Gloves, and the Tweed Flat Cap from The Hat Shop. Skin is Redgrave and Hair is Maitreya. All poses are from Oberon's Trick, a great little find. Oh, and the song is this one here, catchy huh?

Get the hawt boots at Redgrave, like now.

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Unknown said...

oh... I missed these!!

*must have*